Tivoli Friheden, HITSA-SAFE Special

In the city of Aarhus outside the amusement park Tivoli Friheden an impressive version of HITSA-SAFE Special can be seen.

The 13 white concrete balls are the result of a close cooperation between Aarhus Municipality, Tivoli Friheden and HITSA, who since 2017 have been developing and testing constructions meant to prevent collisions.

For the municipality of Aarhus the aim was to secure the small square in front of the amusement park while matching the festive surroundings.

The HITSA-SAFE Special concrete balls match the other elements of the square well. They contribute to the playful expression of the park entrance and match the balloons of the Ferris wheel in the background. The white balls surround and shield the square while at the same time inviting guests to enter.

“Our goal was to create a securing element that would work aesthetically. I think this goal has been reached completely,” says architect Troels Kastorp Kok from the municipality of Aarhus and continues:

“Having to use urban furniture to secure squares and other public areas is a new phenomenon for many of us. HITSA have offered useful and professional advice in this connection. In cooperation with HITSA we have been able to create a product that we stand by both in terms of security and aesthetics. HITSA has handled all challenges along the way with great sincerity.”

The concrete balls are a decorative element on top of the actual, mitigating bollard construction. This is the idea behind HITSA-SAFE Special. HITSA-SAFE standard product for hostile vehicle mitigation come as a bollard, a bench, a bicycle rack and a litter bin in order to fit the style and atmosphere of the surroundings.

For more information please contact us at +45 7557 4155 or hitsa@hitsa.dk

Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus Municipality


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