Reference cases for HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation

Here you can see some of the projects featuring HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation products. The list also indicates which product has been used – HITSA-SAFE bollards, HITSA-SAFE bicycle racks, etc.

Our projects for hostile vehicle mitigation always involve close discussion with the customer. Whether HITSA-SAFE is intended to protect a pedestrian zone, an open square, an entrance area or some other type of location, we always base our work on the circumstances and needs of the customer. In our experience, close collaboration regarding the solution gives the best result.

We have obtained permission to mention some of our customers as reference cases here.

Aarhus Municipality, Tivoli Friheden – HITSA-SAFE Special

City of Copenhagen – HITSA-SAFE bollards, HITSA-SAFE bicycle racks

SKL (purchasing agreement for all municipalities and regions in Sweden) – complete HITSA-SAFE range

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation at Tivoli Friheden

HVM with HITSA-SAFE products protects the entrance area of a Danish amusement park in Aarhus, Denmark. See the concrete balls.

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