HITSA-SAFE Bicycle Bollard

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards safeguard the urban landscape in the form of familiar urban furniture featuring Scandinavian design.

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HITSA-SAFE bollards safeguard the urban landscape in the form of familiar urban furniture featuring Scandinavian design.

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HITSA-SAFE Bike Rack is available with NOAH, NOLI and HH 20 BIG front wheel holders. Installation is easy in only 300 mm's depth. Available in any RAL colour.

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The HITSA-SAFE bench protects urban spaces against vehicle-based threats. It is available in two types of wood, removable and easy to install.

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HITSA-SAFE Litter Bin is available in Corten steel, hot-dip galvanised or powder-coated. Model is FJORDPARK 4 PLUS with a single side opening.

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HITSA-SAFE Special can be shaped as balls, planters or really anything in cooperation with HITSA. Easy installation in only 300 mm's depth.

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HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation

The need for anti-terrorist protection, physical protection and vehicle security barriers is rising both in towns and cities and for individual businesses. With this in mind, HITSA has developed HITSA-SAFE, a physical protection system that makes it possible to safeguard urban spaces using familiar urban furniture products.

HITSA-SAFE provides scope for protecting open squares, streets and entrances against vehicle-based threats, while creating friendly and welcoming urban spaces for tourists and locals.

Hostile vehicle mitigation products from HITSA-SAFE provide physical barriers that blend with the existing urban environment.

You can install vehicle security barriers in open squares and in front of shops, tourist attractions and historic buildings without compromising on the design concept.

HITSA-SAFE products protect against vehicle-based attacks and incidents, whether premeditated acts or random vandalism. The physical protection offered by HITSA-SAFE is ideal as theft protection, anti-terrorist protection and protection against vandalism in general.

The products also serve a practical purpose and can be used as ordinary bicycle racks, bollards, benches and litter bins.

HITSA-SAFE provides anti-terrorist protection with added value for urban spaces

The HITSA-SAFE range includes bollards, bicycle racks, benches, litter bins and custom-design products that can be used for hostile vehicle mitigation and as vehicle security barriers.

The internal construction takes care of the security aspect, while the outer appearance is interchangeable and the design can be adapted to the surroundings.

With HITSA-SAFE bicycle racks, the internal construction of the bollards and struts ensures that the rack can stop a vehicle. The customer can choose from a selection of wheel holders that are already part of our standard range. In other words, a HITSA-SAFE bicycle rack can be coordinated with existing urban furniture. We offer three standard wheel holders for the HITSA-SAFE bicycle rack, namely NOAH, NOLI and HH20 BIG.

With HITSA-SAFE bollards, the internal security construction can be concealed within any of HITSA’s standard bollards, as long as it has a diameter of at least 114 mm. This means that the HITSA-SAFE bollard can be slender or substantial as desired.

HITSA-SAFE Special products give the landscape architect or designer even more freedom. There is scope to create a unique design with the HITSA-SAFE construction as a base. This could be, for example, concrete balls, a concrete bench or something completely different. We have extensive experience of collaborating with architects and subcontractors to produce successful custom-design products.

HITSA-SAFE has been certified according to PAS 68 and IWA 14

The HITSA-SAFE range has been certified according to PAS 68 and IWA 14.

PAS 68 and IWA 14 are international standards for crash tests. Testing of the HITSA-SAFE range has been carried out by CTS Crashtest-service in Münster, Germany. The certificates document what vehicle was used for the test, how much it weighed and how fast it was travelling on impact. The certificates indicate that the test vehicle was immobilised after the collision. PAS 68 also indicates that there was no heavy flying debris from the collision.

HITSA-SAFE is ideal for open spaces, city centres, streets and squares, where crowds may gather either spontaneously or for planned events. HITSA-SAFE products can also protect buildings, forecourts and entrances to businesses that regard themselves as at risk. This could be hotels, tourist attractions, shopping centres, shops or other businesses that need physical barriers to protect against theft or vandalism.

Hostile vehicle mitigation from HITSA-SAFE is easy to install and use

HITSA-SAFE hostile vehicle mitigation products are easy to install, with no cementing in required and a ground depth of just 300 mm, i.e. above the level of any pipelines, etc. The customer initially needs to prepare a hole for installation, so HITSA can deliver to the site.

All HITSA-SAFE standard products are removable. It is commonly necessary to enable occasional access in the event of a fire or other emergency, for waste collection purposes and similar. The possibility of removing HITSA-SAFE products as needed also makes the system useful for festivals, markets and other recurring events, where the barrier is only needed for a short period or a few times a year. A locking system ensures that HITSA-SAFE products can only be removed by authorised persons.

The system, with its internal security construction and external design options, means that HITSA-SAFE products are easy to use. In the event of dents or scrapes, the outer product can be replaced without digging anything up.

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