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The HITSA-SAFE bench safeguards the urban space, while creating a welcoming urban environment.

The bench combines the HITSA-SAFE security construction with our Danish-designed NORD bench. The result is an urban furniture product that helps to create a positive urban landscape, and at the same time is capable of stopping a car, if the worst should happen.

This makes the HITSA-SAFE bench ideal as part of physical protection for pedestrian zones, open squares and city centres, etc.

The NORD bench was created by C.F. Møller Design in a simple design that lends itself to the addition of colour. The frame and legs are hot-dip galvanised steel, with optional powder coating. The back and seat come in a choice of Sature (silicate treated pine wood) or mahogany (FSC®-certified).

Danish-design hostile vehicle mitigation with additional practical value

A HITSA-SAFE bench is easy to install and use. It has been designed so it can be installed without cementing in. The installation depth is 300 mm. The customer initially needs to prepare a hole for installation, so HITSA can deliver to the site.

The HITSA-SAFE bench can be removed to allow occasional vehicle access. This could be necessary in the event of a fire or other emergency, or for waste collection purposes. The removable design also makes HITSA-SAFE particularly useful for markets, festivals and other recurring, temporary events. The base component set into the ground can be concealed by a cover when the HITSA-SAFE product is not in use. A locking system ensures that HITSA-SAFE products can only be removed by authorised persons.

HITSA-SAFE has been certified according to PAS 68 and IWA 14

The bench is part of the HITSA-SAFE range, with a basic construction that can withstand a collision and stop the vehicle in question. The range also includes bollards, bicycle racks, litter bins and custom-design products. With HITSA-SAFE we have focused on developing physical protection products that also serve a useful, practical purpose in the urban landscape.

The entire range has been certified according to the international PAS 68 and IWA 14 crash-test standards. Find out more about testing and certification and view the film of the crash test here.

Contact our consultant in hostile vehicle mitigation for a no-obligation chat about the available options with HITSA-SAFE.

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