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HITSA-SAFE Bicycle Bollard

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards safeguard the urban landscape in the form of familiar urban furniture featuring Nordic design.

A HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard safeguards the urban landscape against vehicle-based attacks and incidents – a slender bollard that also serves a practical purpose for users of the urban space. The bollard provides a permanent urban fixture for locking bikes, creating a safe urban environment in more ways than one. Cyclists can rest their bike against the HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard or use the kickstand and simply lock their bike to the bollard.

The HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard consists of an internal security construction combined with a TOR bicycle bollard from our standard range. This makes it easy to combine HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards with standard TOR bicycle bollards. The security products blend into the environment, creating a reassuring and familiar landscape.

TOR is characterised by two elongated side brackets for locking bikes and cargo bikes. It has a flat top and a diameter of 114 mm – a slender and harmonious bicycle bollard available in hot-dip galvanised steel or hot-dip galvanised steel with a powder coating in any RAL colour.

Anti-terrorist protection with added value

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards are easy to install and use. The HITSA-SAFE range has been designed so that the bicycle bollards can be installed without cementing in. The installation depth is 300 mm. The customer initially needs to prepare a hole for installation, so HITSA can deliver to the site.

It is similarly easy to remove a HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollard to allow occasional vehicle access. This could be necessary in the event of a fire or other emergency, or for waste collection purposes. This also makes HITSA-SAFE very useful for markets, festivals and other events that only take place occasionally. The HITSA-SAFE base component set into the ground can be concealed by a cover when the product is not in use. A locking system ensures that HITSA-SAFE products can only be removed by authorised persons.

The flexible system, with the HITSA-SAFE construction concealed within a standard bicycle bollard, also means that worn or dented bollards can easily be replaced.

Hostile vehicle mitigation with PAS 68 and IWA 14 certification

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards safeguard buildings and public squares against vehicle-based attacks and incidents. While an ordinary bollard will bend or break in the event of a collision, HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards are designed to effectively stop vehicles.

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards are part of our HITSA-SAFE range, which comprises urban furniture designed to prevent vehicle intrusions.

The HITSA-SAFE construction on which the bicycle bollard is mounted has been certified according to the international PAS 68 and IWA 14 crash-test standards.

HITSA-SAFE bicycle bollards are ideal, for example, for city centres, public squares, parks, pedestrian zones and other areas, where there is a need for protection against vehicles. They can also be used in front of buildings or facilities that consider themselves to be at risk. This could be shops, hotels, tourist attractions or sports venues, for instance.

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